Sunday, July 22, 2012

Altered Cigar Boxes

I got together with my longtime friend, Loretta, to alter cigar boxes.  We spent a lot of time catching up, which I loved.  My girls came over to see her.  Back when we first met, which I believe must have been 1982, we used to be (almost) inseparable.  We spent a lot of time together with our families and we did a lot of sewing.  We attended the same church.  Our families were close.  My girls call her "Aunt."  It is always a pleasure to spend time with her.

On with my story... Loretta wasn't sure what to do with some cigar boxes she had at home, but then thought of me and knew I would love them!  So we decided to spend a day together making these boxes.
This is the top of Loretta's box - she was able to use some flower embellishments that her mother gave her and I think that was special to her.  Loretta also really liked using Diamond Glaze which she covered with glitter.  It gave her box that little extra kick.
This is the inside of the box - she loved the dark turquoise/polka dot paper. The paper used by Loretta  came from a Recollections paper pad/collection.
This is the top of my box.  The box is really more of a square, and is rather deep.  I used Wild Saffron, an older line by K&Company.  It has always been one of my favorites.
On the front of the box, I placed these square jewels on the lower, right corner.  Kept it simple but added a little glitz.
... now the inside of my box.  I still need to figure out the knob on the top - how I am going to attach it so that it doesn't pop off - and I need to put feet on the box.  
Hmmmm - now what to put in it?  Any suggestions?


Melody said...

Hi Jean. These boxes are lovely. I might make one with animal prints in memory of my mom. I took a class one time where we attached a knob to the top of a body form or dress form. We screwed it on.You could always put a flower or some other embellie on top on the screw head on the inside of the box. You know, I can't even remember how we did that because we couldn't go inside of the bust. I'll have to look that up. Very beautiful. Now if I can remember where the cigar boxes are. :-}

Lois said...

OMG! The boxes are gorgeous! You are so amazingly creative!