Saturday, September 8, 2012

Craft Room In Progress

Why is it I feel that my craft room is never finished?  Since I bought the Rotabin and filled it with my stamp sets, I cleared out five bins.  So I pulled apart my room and tried to reorganize it to make it more efficient or accommodating.  This is what it looked like Friday night when I got home from socializing.  I should have taken an "after" picture, but didn't.  I got a lot done and my stamps are so much more accessible.  Believe me, it looked good.
Cleaning it up put me in a great mood and I really wanted to craft.  Saturday afternoon, Lydia and her mother, Kathy, came by with the intention of crafting.  However, we got to talking about different tools, paper lines, and supplies.  We never did craft but still had a good time.  After that Cindy and her husband, Pat, came by (brought pizza) and I worked on the cards for the September card exchange.
On Sunday, I was still in the crafting mood, so I pulled out some projects that were already started.  I always seem to have a stack of cards that I want to re-vamp, re-do, fix, whatever.  So I opened up the "card hospital" and fixed a large stack of cards.
After that, I finished a project/altered book that I started in one of Debby Schuh's classes last year.  I finally finished the inside of the cover and found pictures of myself from previous years for the cover.  This altered book is actually more like a smash book and will probably be a work in progress - one done over time.
I didn't quite finish all of the cards Saturday night, so I definitely finished them first thing on Sunday morning.
I really accomplished a lot this weekend and that is my goal - to pull out one project at a time and finish it.  I will have a lot of Christmas gifts ready to go if I can keep it up.  Send me good thoughts, so I can keep it going.

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