Sunday, September 30, 2012

My favorite purchase during my Junk Bonanza trip...

was the bracelet I bought made from chicken wire and old ties - and a bead.  Are you familiar with the People articles titled [something like] "She really loves her..."?  They are articles about clothing or accessories of celebrities - and they like them so much they wear them all the time.  I felt that way about this bracelet!  It is so comfortable, light weight, bendable, easy to wear.... and made from chicken wire and old ties.
So I went and bought a life-time supply of chicken wire... getting ready to think about making those bracelets.
Nicole also bought one - hers was basically black.  The vendor at Junk Bonanza also designed headbands, flowers, small clutch purses, and hats from ties.  She was very creative.  Sorry to say, I do not have her business card and I cannot remember her website.  Regardless, it gave me great ideas and hopefully some inspiration.

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