Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday's Card Crop

and this month's card exchange took place, as always, at Paper Vineyard Scrapbook Store.  The project I worked on was next month's card exchange.  It is a "folded" card theme.  Here are some shots from today...
Maryanna and Cindy are working hard.  Lois is in the background looking very serious.
 Sisters, Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.  Dada dada dada dada da...
Lord, help the mister who comes between me and my sister.
And Lord, help the sister who becomes between me and my man!
Okay, sorry, I got carried away, however, these are two sisters, JoDean and Cindy.
Rhema, on the left (mother of Gloria Jean, on the right).  
Ada, Kate, Esther, Cindy and Maryanna again.
Colleen is on the right, and I so apologize, but I don't know the lady on the left.
Meet Dana Edwards.  She teaches phenomenal classes at Paper Vineyard.
This is my messy work station.
Maryanna completely finished her cards for October's card exchange.  
They are really cute, but she looks a little crazy in this picture.
This is a card I made out of the product provided by the store.  
We were given a Christmas mini pad by Kaiserkraft.
It was a great group of women and we had a great time!  
Laughing but not too rowdy.

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