Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

You know, I just love making holiday treat bags for Kate's first grade class.  They are so cute and really love anything you give them.  I always pass it by Kate and get her approval for what I give the kids.  This year, for Halloween, we decided to make popcorn and mix it with candy corn.  I had my sister, Susan, and my brother-in-law, Jim, over for dinner and engaged them, along with my own  two girls, Kate and Kim, into helping me put together these bags...
We set up an assembly line - I popped the corn, 
Susan stuffed the bags, 
Kim measured and added the candy corn, 
Kate put the candy and cookies in a different bag, 
and bringing up the rear, was Jim, who put on the twistie ties.
 We had a really nice, family time.
Popcorn ghosts, treat bags, and Halloween pencils.
Happy Halloween! 

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