Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Junk Bonanza Altered Book

Many of you know I have been to Junk Bonanza in Minnesota on two separate occasions, which is held the same weekend as Scrapfest.  When we go, we stay at the home of Nicole's parents, Bob and Marlene.  They always treat us so well, are very welcoming to me, and I always want to do something for them.  This year I decided I would make them a mini book to remember our weekend there, and I couldn't share it with you until Nicole took it back for Thanksgiving.  So here it is...
 I think the cover is my favorite page.  I just love it!

 Lamps made of different vintage items were popular.
 Meet Marlene and Bob.
 It is tradition to stop at Starbucks.  This year, Bob and Marlene had a Keurig, so there wasn't as much a need to buy coffee, but we had to do it just once, for old times sake.
 I started with an October Afternoon book titled "Vintage" which actually was about the size of old  flash cards.

 There were so many cool things - just to see the creativity of artists is amazing.
 bird houses from scrap metal,
 Baskets from old swimming pool lockers were placed underneath a butcher block table on wheels which would make a great kitchen island.
 Blood marys were a hit/requirement.

I know Bob thought I was crazy when I asked him to stand back and wave at me while I took his picture.  Now he knows why.
Thanks again - it is always a great time!

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