Monday, March 18, 2013

An 8-year-old's birthday party

Sunday was Kylee's 8th birthday!  She celebrated at a wave pool on Saturday with her friends and family and had lunch at Olive Garden on Sunday with more family (I consider myself as family).  Here are some of the highlights:
 As soon as everyone arrived, Kylee opened her presents.
 She got clothes,
 Games and crafts,
 And she read all of her cards - out loud - to us.
 This treat is from her Saturday party.  Sam always makes the cutest birthday cake or treats.  This time she took mini cupcakes and layered them in push-up pops/containers with icing between the layers.  What a fun treat for a birthday!
 While we were at the restaurant, a leprechan came and sat down beside me.
Oh wait.  I think that was Myah!
As always, it ended with birthday cake and Kylee blowing out her candle.
It was a fun day and we loved celebrating with Kylee!
When Kylee got home, she tried on her new outfit...
and she's ready for school tomorrow!

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