Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am out of any kind of routine...

When I go out of town, I get all out of whack!  The time change is different, the food is different, I'm sleeping in a different bed, and well, I can't always find internet or wi-fi connections!  Waaaahh!  One thing leads to another and I get really behind in my blogging because by the time I get back, I am out of the habit.  I got back from Florida a week ago after a visit with my parents, my sister and her family.  I had a package sent to Gail (my sister) so that it would arrive while I was in Florida.
It was the Flirt quilt!  (I wanted to surprise her.)
 This is the edging that was sewn on by my friend, Carol, who was also in on the surprise.
 The machine quilting is absolutely beautiful!  I need to give a big thank you to Chuck who lives in California.
 The quilt turned out so nice - the only thing left is to hand stitch the edging.   
This was one thing I shared with my mom because she made baby quilts for each of her grandchildren, and a few of her great-grandchildren.  She had a few questions about jelly rolls.
My parents are not able to get around like they used to, so one of their favorite things to do is to drive through the wildlife refuge, which we did.  We see a lot of birds and if we're lucky, an alligator.  We happened to see two that day!
He is hard to see, but the alligator is in the picture above.  He kind of looks like a log on the opposite side of the waterway.
These photos were taken with my phone so I couldn't zoom in.  But the birds are always fun to watch and the drive is beautiful and peaceful.
This crane was walking through town, right outside the Winn Dixie.

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Melody said...

My parents lived in Florida, too. There was a wildlife refuge right in St. Pete, where they lived. We used to go there to see all the birds and gators, too. The last time I went (three yrs. ago) we only saw one baby gator. The park ranger said it was due to poaching. So sad. Thanks for bringing such great memories to the forefront. I miss my mom every day.

tainted with a positive view said...

We used to go to the marina - every visit - and see the manatees - up close! My girls loved it.