Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lydia's Show 'n Tell

Miss Lydia is my daughter, Kimberly's, friend - and they have been good friends since Junior High School.  I have always enjoyed Miss Lydia.  Lydia's mom, Kathy, and I will occasionally get together to craft, or just to share ideas.  It is always a good time and sometimes Kimberly and Lydia will show up.  I just love it!  During their last visit, Lydia told us about a t-shirt quilt she was making and I asked her to share photos.

First she cut the pieces and put them together to make 20" x 20" squares.
She used both the front and back sides of t-shirts from her high school (McClintock) 
and college (ASU) days.
Then she laid them out...
... and sewed them together.
I absolutely love the look and think it is a great way to remember your school days.
Guess who wants to work on this mother-daughter project?    That's right, Miss Kimmy.

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