Saturday, August 10, 2013

Challenge Day 10 - "Glass"

Do any of you remember these?
They are jelly jar glasses saved by my mother from when I was growing up.
That makes them pretty darn old.
Yes, jelly actually came in them, then you had a glass to keep.
Somehow, my mother managed to save 11 of them,
and she gave them to me several years ago.
I use them almost everyday.
They are my "go to" glasses.
Special?  Yeah.


Melody said...

OMGosh. Yes, I remember them. I have a small juice size glass from when my daughter was little. She is now 37. Do you remember when peanut butter came in a metal pail with a shovel attached? We had a bunch of those when I was a kid and we went camping every summer.

Adriana said...

I don't remember them but they are beautiful. You are doing a great job with the photo challenge.