Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday in Split ("Spleet")

We started our morning with breakfast, hopped on the bus, and took off for Split (the second largest city in Croatia).  It was a gorgeous drive up the coast.  I loved looking at all of the old buildings in the little villages we passed.  We had to cross the border in Bosnia.  So I passed through Bosnia today, as well.
 There was a thunderstorm last night, lots of lightning and loud thunder.  So this morning, we left in the rain.
 This is the largest snail I have ever seen.  He greeted us on the sidewalk and came to say goodbye.  Everyone took pictures.
We toured the palace of Diocletian, the 51st Emperor of Rome, who had a really big ego and thought very highly of himself.
I enjoyed the tour today and learned some interesting tidbits of information.

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Patricia Shaw said...

Is that a diarama? Can you imagine living in such an opulent home?

You should have put your big toe by the snail so we could have had some perspective of just how big that little sucker is! LOL- just kidding.