Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trogir and Plitvice Lakes

Today was an early start, getting up and heading down the road to Trogir.  It rained today but had stopped by the time we arrived in Trogir.  I took a lot of pictures today, but here are few:
 All of the palaces we have seen were built with the same idea.  The streets are stone and they are a myriad of streets of both private housing and businesses,  they are multiple levels and they are absolutely beautiful.
 In Trogir, there was an outside farmer's market and we 
noticed this lady selling garlic.
We then did a little bit of driving

and went to Plitvice Lakes, a national park with multiple, multiple water falls and extremely blue water!  We hiked around three of the lakes.  Would you believe it was 45 degrees?  It was very cold to us, but we still enjoyed it.

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Patricia Shaw said...

What GREAT pictures. You are truly capturing the culture. I LOVE the pictures of the little old lady selling garlic and the view between the houses. And those waterfalls are gorgeous! So good that you got to hike and stretch your legs - what a beautiful location.