Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Opatija and ... not sure where

Okay, I am starting to get confused on where I am.  We stopped for lunch in a really quaint town named Opatija.  On the menu?  Rumpsteak!  Yep, that's what I ordered.  Mexican food with a Croatian flare.  It was actually pretty good and a nice change.
While riding on the bus today, we went past many small villages, which I really enjoy!  It was hard to get a good shot, but this one is not too bad.
We stopped and toured some caves - it was huge!  Pretty cold down there, but again, it was amazing.
We are now in Bled, Slovenia.  Had to cross the border.  Now my passport has TWO stamps.  Whew hoo!

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Patricia Shaw said...

Don't you just LOVE the quaint little villages! I can imagine some goats and maybe a cow or two wandering back home each evening to that little cottage. That's a hoot that they would have Croatian Mexican food - how much different was it from what you normally get here? Fun that you are getting multiple stamps on your passport - that will be worth keeping for your grandchildren to see! I never would have thought about exploring a cave while you were there - you are getting so many great experiences!