Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lake Bled in Slovenia

All of today we stayed in the Lake Bled area and visited a few small villages around it.  They were so quaint and, of course, there is always a church in the center of each village.  We still have a dinner later tonight (choice of "meat or fish" - a little scary) but some of today's photos are:

 We took a boat ride to an island across the lake from Bled and there is a church on the island.  To get to the church, you have to walk up 99 steps.  The lady on the right going down is Mary Anna.
This is one of the Slovenian boat gondoliers.  The weight of the passengers must be evenly distributed or the boat will tip over.  The breeze was cool and very refreshing, it was beautiful.
Slovenia is known for it's kreme cake.  We were told it is FAMOUS kreme cake.  I have to say it was by far the best dessert on this trip.  Very light, not real sweet.  Flaky pastry... mmmmmmmm.
This bridge is located in another small village.  The water is breathtaking and I am not just saying that.
Tomorrow we are back on the bus, heading back into Croatia toward the city of Zagreb.  I believe it is the largest city in Croatia.


Patricia Shaw said...

Love, love the scenery - so great that they are giving you such a wonderful variety of villages, churches, big and small cities. Cool that you got to ride in a gondola - did he serenade you? I thought that looked like Mary Ann going down the steps. Good thing they are feeding you well because it certainly looks like you are getting your exercise. And that cake looks amazing - seconds anyone? Can't you imagine having a picnic down by that beautiful little stream and bridge? So peaceful and just gorgeous!

Patricia Shaw said...

Gigi said she is "shocked" to see a picture of food! LOL