Friday, September 20, 2013

Radovjlic and Ljubljana

Gosh, I sure hope I spelled those right.  I am trying to do it from memory.  We had dinner in Radovjlic, which is a very small village - and very quaint.  We started with a short walking tour and we got a really close view at the housing.
Most of the houses have these metal pegs which keep the snow on the roof and stops it from all sliding off at one time.
 We had appetizers in the cellar of the restaurant.  They fixed real kielbasa, baked in bread.  Very good!
 Then we listened to accordian music.
 We stopped in Ljubljana, the home town of our guide, and came across "Shoemaker Alley."  Look at what is hanging above the street!  Below is a map of Ljubljana which is in the City Hall building.
 They have SO many outdoor markets because grocery stores are not like in the U.S. with a store on every corner.  They buy all of their grocery needs in these markets.  What caught my eye today was the flower market.
I thought this building was so very beautiful and Moroccan looking.
It was one of the last buildings we saw before heading back to Croatia.


Patricia Shaw said...

Amazing photos as usual, Jean. Funny about the snow on the roofs because back here we want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The flower market is beautiful - makes you wish you could buy a bouquet even though you have no way to keep it. Love "shoemaker's alley" - how much fun is that! So did you pick meat or fish for your main course last night? The Kielbasa really looks good - guess I better have another baby carrot instead! It looks like you are having SUCH a marvelous time! Enjoy every minute!!!

Patricia Shaw said...

Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the spelling of the names if I were you....we don't know the difference and are all impressed that you can remember where you have been! Looking forward to hearing you pronounce the names when you get back.