Saturday, September 21, 2013

Walking tour of Zagreb

On Saturday morning, we drove to the old part of Zagreb ("ZAH-greb") and walked around the village.  Zagreb is the capital of Croatia.  I have to say that i think this may have been my favorite city. Some of the things I am amazed with are:
I realized that parking was at a premium when they marked the spots half on - and half off - of the streets and sidewalks.
All, of the old villages are not equipped to handle the current electrical needs, so wires are running across every street.
Okay, who actually starts a museum for broken relationships?  I did not get to go inside, but sure would have liked to.
These girls are dressed in Croatian costume, which is not done anymore except for tourists and school children (because they were not exposed to this history).

Tomorrow morning, we head back to the States.  It is about a 24-hour trip - almost.  I only shared some of my photos.  More to come once I get back and get rested.

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