Monday, October 14, 2013

I lied - just a few more pictures...

I took pictures of windows - I like windows as much as I like doors.
I love the moss and plant growing over the window.
 I love this next one because it is in such disarray that is is crooked.  
 A few plants will dress up any window...
 I love this window because there are three parts to it:  Glass on the inside, a grate in the middle, and glass again on the outside.  It was about a foot deep. 
 This next building is/was a convent.  They felt the nuns should not look out onto the [worldly] streets, so all of the REAL windows face the inside courtyard.  
They painted the FAKE windows facing the streets.
 This window was to our hotel room.  Don't think I'm crazy, but it totally freaked me out.  
How many hotel rooms on the third floor - in the U.S. - actually open?  Few, if any.  
I think they are afraid someone will jump, so the windows don't actually open, unlike this one.
MaryAnna was amused at my reaction to this window.
Also, look across the street.  The white shutters are rolling shutters to the patios of the apartments.
They could totally be closed off and I thought it was interesting.

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