Monday, October 7, 2013

While I was traveling through Croatia, I was amazed at the differences...

in signage:  street signs, directional signs... some even made me chuckle.  This first sign was directing you out of the restroom at the Munich airport.  First off, there was only one way in, and one way out.  I laughed because it looked like you are to run out of the restroom.
 What percentage is off?
 More running to evacuate the building...
 No ice cream, no smoking, no dogs, and no swimsuits.
 Dalmatian is an area, not a dog, although I do believe there is a connection.  Marijana?  No clue.
 Sexy Shop = Lingerie.
 Below is another version of an exit sign... only this guy is walking...
 I just had to get a picture of the Phoenix Concept Store - a clothing store in Opatija, Croatia.
 A street crossing for little girls - see the bow in her hair?
 Again, not sure what this red circle means.  
After research I believe it means "no parking after this point."
 I asked several tour guides about the sign below and no one knew what this meant.
We decided it must be a meeting place.
 50% off
 This is where you call for emergency help.
 I just liked what this travel agency stated on their sign...
One of my favorites... Coffee of the day?  Beer!
There were multiple street/traffic signs that were interesting and different, but since I was traveling on a bus, it was impossible to get photos of those signs.


Carrie Rosalind said...

Those are awesome! We saw quite a few funny signs in England too - so weird to us but so normal to the people living there.

Melody said...

These are so funny. When I was in Scotland driving back to Edinburgh from the Highlands there was a sign that said "Warning. Oncoming cars may be in your lane. I did a scrapbook page about it. Also, When I was shopping for a sweater for my grandson instead of toddlers it was called nippers.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I love that you captured these signs, Jean. Like Carrie mentioned, we saw some good ones in England. My favorite was the "WAY OUT" sign in the subway (used instead of EXIT). :o)