Monday, November 4, 2013


What?  Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge! Ever heard of the show Wipe Out?  
This challenge run is just like that.
My daughter, Kimmy, and her friend, Georgi, decided to do this together.  
Me?  I wanted to go along and give them my support.
Kim and Georgi made tutus for this event, which I thought was crazy.
Notice matching socks - CRAZY socks!
After getting there and seeing the participants,
I see that Kim and Georgi actually fit right in.  Almost everyone wore a costume/get-up of some sort.
Here are just a couple.  Tutus were everywhere - even on guys!
It was such a fun event; you could tell that everyone just wanted to have fun.
Here are my two Super Heros.  Georgi is doing the stance.
Once they actually started the race, I couldn't see them anymore.  
So instead I watched the crowd, which was actually quite enjoyable.
I sat at a picnic table under a canopy and waited for them at the finish line.
This is the last obstacle before the finish "slide."  They walked across the tube and hopefully 
wouldn't get hit by the big balls (swinging on cranes).  
Kim made it all the way across, but Georgi wasn't quite so lucky.  She was so close.
Then down the slide and... all finished!
They also had a foam/suds machine which made it look like snow.
Covered in foam...
Having so much fun!
They had a wonderful, MEMORABLE day
and said they would definitely do it again!

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