Friday, January 24, 2014

Katie's Birthday

Kate turned 28 earlier this week.  Right.  28.  It makes me feel old, but hey, it's not about me, is it?  A couple of my favorite pictures of her...
 She LOVED Mickey Mouse, but she was also scared to death of him.
These pictures just make me smile and say aaaaahhh.
Kimmy surprised Katie with a special delivery on the day after her birthday:
... a dozen Georgetown Cupcakes - baked fresh and shipped in all the way from Georgetown in Washington, D.C.!!!
They are guaranteed to be baked the day before, then sent via overnight delivery.
I can attest that they were fresh and delicious!
And a total surprise to Kate.

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Carrie Rosalind said...

How fun with the cupcakes! I have heard of that bakery and would love to receive a box like that! Happy birthday Katie!