Monday, January 6, 2014

The other project I worked on?

A while back, I bought a few pillow case kits.  I pulled one out tonight to try.
Above are two of three kits that I bought - just random kits.  
One is for travel, which I thought would be fun to take on road trips.  The other two are "girly."
The directions were easy to follow - here's one of the first steps:
Notice the red clips?  These clips are used in place of pins.  I tried them ... and liked them.  
I didn't prick my fingers once!
Finished product - quite cute!
And here it is - stuffed with a pillow!
It is a perfect fit for a standard pillow.  So easy and economical.
I can see a lot of potential for this little craft:  his/her wedding pillow cases, college gifts, kid-themed pillow cases, or just pillow cases to match finished quilts.
I am truly excited about this!

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