Sunday, January 5, 2014

I've been doing some sewing...

working on a couple of projects...
My first one, of course, is to finish Kim's quilt before she goes to D.C.  I am sure she will be able to put a quilt to good use there.  So I pulled out the quilt top in order to cut and attach the outside borders.
I finished that job, pressed it, and then got the fabric ready for the back side. 

Today I went to Diana's house to actually do the quilting.  
Here you can see Diana re-threading the machine.
Sorry the room looks so dark - I got a new cell phone and am not used to it yet.
We had trouble with the tension and the machine was shredding the thread, 
so we had to stop for the night.  
On Kim's quilt, I tried a free-hand heart design 
and it is much easier to see the design on the back side of the quilt.  
 I had fun freestyling this design, but it took my total brain power!
The plan is to finish it next weekend - can't wait!

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