Sunday, February 23, 2014

I've been away - visiting family in Florida

 A few photos of what I've been doing and where I've been...
One day Dad and I took a short day trip to Cocoa Beach and I learned some things.
Dad never lived in Cocoa Beach, however, my grandfather lived there.
 I just had to stop and take a couple of photos of the beach.  
Dad is not able to walk through the sand easily, so I just took a couple of moments to view the beach.
 We went to breakfast at Louis' BBQ - they offer a WONDERFUL breakfast and I like to go there
every trip I make to Florida.  
Starting at the head (and going clockwise) of the table is 
Addy, Caleb, Raleigh, Jen, Gail, Dad, Rudy, Jon, Rachel, and Nathan. 
The four little ones always make the trip busy - and FUN! 
 I share this photo of Rachel (Addy and Caleb's mom) when she was a toddler...
because it is no doubt that Addy belongs to her.
While waiting for my plane, which was delayed due to the storms,
I treated myself to a Cinnamon Dolce Frappucino.  Mmmmm.
I have more photos of my trip to Florida which I will share later.

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Melody said...

I loved your photos from Florida. My parents lived in St. Pete and no trip would be complete without having breakfast at Kissing Cousins. I haven't been back since we sold my parents house and I miss it terribly. I think Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Thanks for the memories.