Monday, February 24, 2014

More of Florida...

I promised/threatened more photos of my recent trip to Florida, so...
here they are:
 These first two were taken from the plane window as we landed in Chicago. 
When I left Phoenix, the forecast was to be in the low 80's for that day, 
so this was a big change.
Thank goodness Florida would be warmer, right?
  This is my dad holding his great-granddaughter, Addy, the youngest grandchild.
My dad is 89 (and a half!) years old and I think he looks wonderful!
Meet Caleb, Addy's brother, who looks just like his dad, Jimmy.
 Dad always wants to drive through Black Point Nature Preserve. 
He loves to take photos of whatever we might see that day.
 Every time I see raccoons, I think of the movie The Great Outdoors with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd.  They just crack me up in that movie.  
 During the week, the little ones had a Little League game.
 Raleigh is the only girl on the team.
 I had to get pictures of all three (Raleigh, Caleb, and Nate) through the fence,
and I apologize that they aren't better.
 We played outside another night... 
Rachel came straight from work - she's not in her jammies.
 The big attraction was climbing on the jungle gym.
 The girls had to prove that they could keep up with the boys.
Addy was not about to be left behind.
 It was a fun week - very busy with all the things we had to do.
I told my sister, Gail, that I needed to go home to get some rest.

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