Friday, February 7, 2014

Pillow Cases!

I am finishing the pillow case kits I previously purchased.  
When these are done, I am creating my own.
 I first pressed the fabric, which makes it easier to line up the edges.
I decided to make character pillow cases for my great nieces and nephews.  
 Angry Birds Star Wars...
 Minnie Mouse...
 and Tinker Bell.
The directions are simple.
 It only takes three pieces of fabric:
The main piece, the cuff, and the accent fabric.
 You trim all edges so they are even.
 Stitch a couple of seams...
 This is the inside of the pillow case - finished off beautifully! 
No raw seams showing.
 My little Jackie wants to be in the middle of anything I do, so I put him up on the table 
so he could literally be closer to me.
He was content to just lay there and watch me. 
 They are super easy - I did four in an evening.  
 So easy, in fact, that I am giving you the instructions below.
One difference - the accent piece is 4" wide (not 2").
I hope you enjoy it.  
Such great ideas for gifts!
You can truly make them personal.


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Such a fun gift idea and I just love the fabrics you chose! Thanks for including the directions too! :o)

kimmy said...

omg jackie <33333