Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Baby Shower!

There was such a great turn out for Jackie's shower!  I only took a few photos of Jackie opening mine and Kate's gifts.
I didn't have a baby boy gift bag and decided to get creative with what I had at home.  I had plenty of little boy paper, so I covered the front and back sides of a kraft paper bag.  I thought it turned out so darn cute.
Here's the mom-to-be opening a book from Kate, "Where the Wild Things Are."  We were asked to bring a book (instead of a card) to start building a library for the baby.  She received a lot of books and amazingly, there wasn't one duplicate!
I picked out a Little Critter book - "All By Myself" - which happened to be a favorite of my daughters.
A lot of the girls in the room must have grown up with Little Critter, because they definitely recognized the character.  There were a lot of "aaahhhhhs" when she pulled the book out.
And now the finished blankets.
She received so many nice gifts.  Their little baby is going to be the best dressed little man around.

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