Friday, May 16, 2014

National Zoo

Kim and I went to the National Zoo during my visit to D.C.  Did you know it's free to get in?  But parking is another matter - they charge $22 per vehicle to park at the zoo.  Parking is close, so at least it is worth it.  If you had a van full of kids, it would be a bargain.

Early on, we saw a panda bear eating his breakfast.
I have not seen one that close before.  We also saw gorillas.  When we first walked up to the gorilla pen, we saw the momma gorilla pound on the plexiglass but, of course, she wouldn't do it once I got the camera out.  This clip is cute because the baby seems to want to pester the momma.
And a lot of different types of birds...
We also saw lions, elephants, snakes, all kinds of critters.  Again, the weather was beautiful.  Perfect weather for a day at the zoo.

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