Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kimmy's Home

for just a few days before and after a trip to Costa Rica.  When she arrived, she was picked up by Ashley and her family.  Brothers Brody and Keaton greeted her Kimmy with signs at the airport.  Kimmy has never met Keaton, the baby.  If you can't read the sign, it says "I have waited my whole life to meet you, Auntie Kimmy!"  Brody also has a sign for her, and it was in his own handwriting, so a little tough to read but still very meaningful.
 After they picked her up, they came over to our house for a little bit.  
 Brody loves "puppies" and it was so much fun watching him giggle 
while trying to pet Jack and Sophie.
 Sophie just wanted to lick his hands - I am sure they smelled like pizza.
I just love this picture.  He actually cupped Jackie's face in his hands.
So, so precious!

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