Saturday, July 19, 2014

I've been traveling a bit...

this time I was in Lake Lure, North Carolina.  My sister and her husband drove up from Florida - and brought my dad!  I don't think my dad wanted to miss the trip, but I know it was somewhat hard on him.  Remember, he's 89 - 90 in two weeks!  Here are some photos of the signs around our resort:
Well, these first three are of my trip out to North Carolina.  This is as we were pulling away from the Phoenix airport.  I actually flew into the Greenville-Spartanberg Airport.  A nice, small airport.
I think it is always amazing to fly above the clouds.  They look like HUGE cotton balls.
These look like rows of cotton.  The sky is so very blue.
They picked me up at the airport and then we had to drive about an hour to the resort.  Along the way, I took an opportunity and snapped this photo of the weather-worn cottage.
This is the balcony off our livingroom.
This is the view - so beautiful - and green!  Here's my dad: 
One day when the weather was nice, just a little "misty," we took a pontoon boat ride.
It was gorgeous - again, it was so green!
I loved the docks and boat houses - there was such a variety - anything from simply fabulous to...
simple and maybe not quite so fabulous.
This stair case was in the movie "Dirty Dancing" with Patrick Swayze.  The film was actually filmed at Lake Lure, NC.
I just loved this long, switchback staircase.

This house below is one of the first, and smallest lake houses on Lake Lure.  I LOVE it!
This next is a "remnant" of a house that burned down.
I think I have a thing for boat houses.  I find them to be really quaint and inviting.
My dad, and my little brother, Jeff, on our boat ride.  Jeff and his wife came over from their home in Tennessee and were able to spend a couple of days with us.
This is the FIRST house built on the lake.  It looks like only a boathouse, but it you look again, there is a house on top of the boat house.  It is also the smallest house.
This is the largest home on the lake - over 15,000 square feet.  I would sure hate to clean that!  Of course, I am sure they don't.

 That's the end of our boat tour.  I'll have more photos of my trip on tomorrow's blog.

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