Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Fractured Prune

You should really check this place out - a donut shop on Ray Road, near 48th Street in Chandler.  The name?  The Fractured Prune.  The donuts are a cake donut, and you pick the icing and topping.  Or they have some of their own invention.
Nicole and her two girls, Myah and Kylee, called to see if I was interested in going - of course!   Who turns down fresh, warm donuts!  My daughter, Kimberly, took the girls (Myah and Kylee) when she was home visiting.  So they knew what to expect.
This is Nicole's box - you can probably tell which ones are the girls - well, some are gone, but the marshmallows are a dead giveaway, right?
Here's Kylee eating her bacon and mini M&M doughnut.
Myah is eating one with bacon and... something else... I can't remember.  But both of the girls enjoyed the bacon on their donuts.
Nicole, Myah, and Kylee.  Please note Kylee's talent - balancing an M&M on her upper lip.
I didn't take photos of mine, but I ordered a salted caramel and a key lime icing with coconut.
Fun times!

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