Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I can't begin to count the things I have seen today!

We had an extremely filled day. It was amazing and very eye opening. I took so many pictures!
We went with a local guide and first visited a mosque. The detail in the tiles and woodwork is amazing.
 This is Pat and I at the mosque.
 You knkw how I love signs.

This is a photo of a window. I like those too.  Sorry you have to turn your head to see it.
 A fountain at one of the lcal gardens.
 We went to a cooking demonstration regarding homemade couscous.
 They are really scary drivers. The traffic is a mess - a lot of motorcycles and everyone drives however they want.  Maybe I should say they are fearless.
We did some shoppng at the medina.  I bought a piece of pottery.  The colors are just so vibrant and beautiful.  There are so many handmade items.  The souks are mind boggling and interesting all at the same time.   I think the souks are where they typically make their wares to sell.  It looks to be a very hard and tedious lifestyle.
There is a lot of silver.
 All kinds of olives in the open market.
 This stand sells raisins, dried fruit, that sort of thing. It was beautiful to see.
More shopping in the plaza.  We saw monkyes, and multiple snake charmers but they want mony to take their pictures.
More tomorrow.

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