Monday, October 13, 2014

We have arrived (as my dad would always say)...

We made it to Morocco but am still trying to get used to the internet and some other things after such a long trip, we are exhausted and I am taking advantage of tomorrw morning and sleeping in just a bit. I was able to grab a few photos...
 I didn't tell you how we spent 2 hours in the NY subway?  I will definitely share it at another time. 
We flew on Iberia Air and we were pretty impressed  with what they do  in the way meals. It ws really good. 
 Back to Morocco. This is a picture of the courtyard at our first hotel the Kenzi Farah  very nice. 
 A mosaic wall in the courtyard. 
Our days will be packed and I can't wait to see everything. 
Stay tuned 

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