Thursday, June 18, 2015

Another of my mother's quilts

This is the Cadillac of quilting machines.
I went to Diana's house to quilt another quilt top found after my mother passed away.
Each of the girls (Susan, Gail, and myself) received one of the quilt tops.
I quilted mine a while back, but Susan and Gail have not done theirs yet, so 
I brought Gail's back from Florida on my last trip.
 All of the patterns on Diana's quilting machine are now electronic.
We had a little bit of trouble and we couldn't finish quilting the top.
I was no help to her in trying to figure it out.
Later in the week I found this in my office ...
the quilting finished.
I just love seeing the work mother did.  It was so precise.
And she used fabrics that truly were scraps, which I believe to be the true beginning of quilting.
I still need to finish the trim before sending it back to Gail,
but the Diana did such a beautiful job on the quilting.

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