Wednesday, June 17, 2015

While in Florida, we had some things to take care of...

It was a sad decision, but my dad wanted to place my mother's ashes in the ground.  
Their headstone was recently finished and placed at the cemetery, and since all five kids were together in Florida, Dad felt this was the right time.
 My mother's only living sister, my Aunt Elna Mae, and her husband, Uncle Raymond, are both 98 years old.  I credit their longevity to being missionaries in the field (Mexico and South America) and not eating all the processed food most of us here in the States grew up on.  
Aunt Mae is truly remarkable for being 98.
 Even though the sun was out, there was a lot of shade in the cemetery.
Quite relaxing actually.
 My sister, Gail, is on the left.
My cousin, Colleen, is on the right - I grew up with Colleen coming for most holidays - and more.
She was close to our family because when her parents were out of the country, 
she and her brothers would spend it with us.
My mother was at times as close as she could get to her mother.
 My Dad was always close to them - especially now.
 Rudy gets started.
 We were all amazed that we were allowed to dig the hole.
In fact, we were told if we wanted it done, we had to do it ourselves.
Never would that happen in Phoenix, right?
 We had a little ceremony, sang one of Mother's favorite songs, 
and it was definitely a sad, sad afternoon.
Before leaving... a group photo
Front left to right: Dad, Susan
Back left to right: Jeff, Jean, Gail, and Ed

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Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

What a beautiful cemetery and so sweet that you could all be together to honor your mom that way, Jean. ♥