Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A quick trip to Florida

I found out that all of my brothers and sisters would be in Florida at the same time, and honestly I felt a little left out.  So I arranged to take a quick trip down there to be with my family.  It happened to be right around my sister, Gail's, 60th birthday.  I just couldn't pass that up. 
 So we all went to Louis' for breakfast, a southern BBQ place with grits and biscuits and gravy.
 The whole crew was there.
 These are Gail's two children, Jon and Rachel.
 Grandchild #4, Addie.
 The first three grandchildren: Raleigh, Nate, and Caleb.
 Hugs for everyone.

 We got a cake from the local bakery - red velvet is Gail's favorite.
 After breakfast, we went back to Gail's house, blew out candles, and cut the cake.  
We didn't realize until we picked it up, how big that cake was!

Again, always so nice to be with family.

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