Monday, June 15, 2015

I tried something new

At Ross - which is a store I have come to appreciate - I found these curlers...
They are soft rubber rods that bend. 
I always seem to be looking for an easier, new way to do my hair, so of course, I had to try these.
 When your hair is wet/damp, you roll your hair around the rods, and twist them tight next to your head, overlapping the ends.
You can then blow dry your hair or let them dry on their own.
Yes, I see my gray hair.  I have stopped coloring or highlighting my hair,
decided it was time to let that go.
I really just got tired of paying for highlighting all the time.
I would rather spend that money another way.
 I think this is the second "selfie" I have ever taken.
 I picked larger rods (3/4" and 1" rods) which make larger soft curls.
I like it because I don't have to use any kind of gel and my hair isn't stiff.
I am wondering if I can sleep on them.

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