Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Now I remember...

I have really had a lot on my plate.  In August I had a water leak due to my hot water heater and it caused drywall damage.  Then in October, I had a pipe break behind the wall in my kitchen.  Cabinets had to be taken out and drywall replaced.  Here are a few photos of the repair work - which was finally done in November just before Thanksgiving.  We were not able to cook or run water in the kitchen for about 5 weeks.   One thing lead to another and I ended up getting a new dishwasher out of the deal... 
 This is under the sink in the kitchen.
This is my sink resting on the disposal (got a new one of those, too).
One night Kim and I were standing in the kitchen and the sink simply fell out.
In the repair of both water leaks, they found asbestos in the texturing of the drywall,
which brings the repair work to a complete halt
until they are sure the air is completely void of asbestos particles.
Rooms were quarantined.
Then they start the repair work.
Thank goodness for homeowners insurance 
and a homebuyers warranty!
At least my water heater is new.
Pipes are new.
Dishwasher is new.
Cabinets are rebuilt.
And everything appears to be working well.
Keep your fingers crossed.  

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