Saturday, March 12, 2016

This is my little secret... my sloppy joe recipe!

Are you as picky about your sloppy joes as I am?  To me, it's kind of like meatloaf.  You generally like your own, but others?  Maybe not so much.  Years ago, a co-worker gave me her recipe - told me it was great - and I tried it.  I have used nothing else since then.  So here's my secret...
 First you brown a pound of ground meat - we are trying to switch to ground turkey,
but for years I used lean ground beef.
 The only other two ingredients are:
Manwich and Campbell's Chicken Gumbo soup.
 Once you've browned your ground turkey,
add the Manwich and soup.
 Bring to a boil, then simmer.
 Before serving, lightly butter buns and sprinkle lightly with garlic salt.
 Broil until the edges are brown.
Watch this - they go from golden to burnt in no time at all.
But I honestly believe the buns really enhance the sloppy joes!
 I sprinkled with shredded cheese...
and you're done!  
They are so good and Kim said she couldn't tell the difference
between hamburger and turkey.  
So from now on, turkey it is.  
These are great for work or family get togethers.
I just have to say that years ago, when I lived in Minnesota
and even in Arizona, my favorite sloppy joe mix was 
"Not So Sloppy Joe Sloppy Joe Sauce" by Hormel.
I looked on line and it looks like you can still find it in stores.
I may need to go to Wal-Mart to see if they carry it.

Now you know my secret.  Enjoy!

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