Sunday, March 13, 2016

Garden and Landscape Show

Last weekend's jaunt was to the Garden and Landscape Show in Phoenix.  I want to re-do my yard, so I thought maybe I could get some ideas.  I went with Maryanna and Kristene and we did have a good time.
 We stopped at this one booth where they were selling some sort of back relief.
You lay on these special pads for 20 minutes a day.
It is supposed to help your back.
So Kristine and Maryanna tried - short 9 minute sessions.
Kristene liked it.
 Maryanna was not sold on it.
 They had one of those tiny homes on display - this is the bathroom
which is actually pretty good size.
 In this picture I am standing in the bathroom looking at the entire home.
Bedroom up.  
 I honestly can't remember what this booth was promoting,
but I loved the flowers.  They were beautiful.
Maryanna wanted to try the equipment where you stand on the base
and it vibrates and moves.
Supposedly to help you lose weight.
It was a nice day - not unbearingly crowded.
And a lot of fun things to look at.  

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