Monday, March 14, 2016

Zoe's Kitchen

After a mid-afternoon movie, Maryanna and I went to Zoe's Kitchen in Chandler for an early dinner.  I had never been there before, but I had heard of it.
 Maryanna selected a chicken salad sandwich with a side of pasta salad.
She thought it was good, but would have liked a little more chicken salad.
 I ordered what they called a "Gruben" which was a turkey reuben sandwich.
I have to say I enjoyed it.  
It was turkey, some sort of slaw with a white cheese (feta maybe?).
I didn't want to know what kind of cheese, because I am not fond of feta or goat cheese.
And... like a reuben, it was grilled on rye bread.
For my side I selected "braised beans."  They were seasoned
differently - with sage - I believe - and they were also good.
I would give Zoe's a thumbs up.

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