Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chinese Architecture and the Summer Palace

At the Summer Palace, this is a sign for the different buildings.
 The gold rooflines represent emperors.  
 Many of these buildings had roof charms.
Although they consisted of different variations, but marching in an outward direction.
They serve different purposes, but the beasts in the middle (an odd number)
are set to pounce on the man in the front, who is riding a Phoenix,
should he fail to perform his duties.
 Rocks are revered in China, especially to artists.
Rock sculptures are seen all over the country.
 All through China, we saw pagodas, tucked among new buildings and historic buildings.

 The pictures of the marble boat below
were taken on the grounds of the Summer Palace and 
built during the Qing Dynasty.

It was beautiful and the boats in the background were so colorful!

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