Monday, August 29, 2016

More of Beijing

Another breakfast - pretty much the same as before with a few minor changes.
The "fuzzy" brown thing is a steamed, white yam.  
My friend said it is probably a yucca plant.
American traditions? hash browns and bacon.
 Before our stop at the Great Wall, we stopped at a jade factory.
This technician is polishing a jade figurine.
 The food in China was absolutely delicious!
It was always served family style and usually had 10 or more entrees.
And the rice was so good!
 This is The Summer Palace where different emperors lived.
 I love the story behind this photo.  I was sitting on our bus and we were on the freeway.
Traffic is so heavy in Beijing that it comes to a standstill quite often.
I looked over and this young man was asking me to take his picture.
So I did.  The Chinese often want their pictures taken with Americans
or just like to have their pictures taken.

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