Thursday, October 20, 2016


Yes, we went to Dollywood and it was a very fun day.  October is Southern Gospel month at Dollywood and all of us agreed that it felt like "going home."  It reminded us of our family, both of our parents and our extended family, as well.  We went to four musical performances.  Spending a day at Dollywood was really relaxing - I didn't witness any pushing or shoving or negativity at all.  Lines were definitely doable. It was just a nice atmosphere.

 Below is my sister, Susan, with my 
"little brother" Jeff pushing her.
Susan's husband, Jim, is behind Jeff.
You can catch just a glimpse of Gail,
my sister, in the back (taking a picture).
 It's not a great picture because we were in a hurry
to get to the roller coaster Mystery Mine.
I rode that with Jeff, Susan, and Jim.
Let me tell you - I screamed during the whole ride!
I had to close my eyes a lot.
 The Bake Shop had the most delectable looking pastries
and look at the size of that apple pie!
 The park is all decked out for fall and Thanksgiving.
They really do a beautiful job of decorating.
I was told that Christmas is really a nice time to go
because there are lights everywhere.
 On the way out, I just had to get a shot of the trees
starting to turn their leaves.
Besides visiting with my siblings, that was my purpose
for going to Tennessee - to see a
change in seasons.

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