Friday, August 4, 2017

I am starting a new quilt

It is a "brick design."  This one is for my daughter, Katelyn, and it has been a long time coming.  She selected the fabric.  I selected the pattern.  I am a very new quilter and have done very simple quilts and this one will be the same, but with a little more design.
 I started with a layer cake package of Basic Grey
Little Black Dress 2 consisting of 40 10x10" squares.
In this picture, I am sewing a strip of cream fabric along 
one edge of each square.
 I used a jelly roll of cream colored fabric 
to sew along the edge.
 It kind of made a banner of squares, which I then cut apart.
I separated them into sets of 6.
Tomorrow, I will cut each square in half and sew them together 
end to end.  
I'll show you.  
I am so excited to do this quilt.

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