Saturday, August 5, 2017

Our last night in Madrid

It started off with dinner with our tour guide, Lisa, and our driver - Darn, I just can't remember his name.  We thought he looked a lot like Neil Diamond, so we'll could just call him Neil.  Since we would be taking the train to Barcelona, our driver didn't go with us.  Let me say that Lisa was one of the best tour guides - she kept us all organized, safe, and on time.

 Train station and tracks.  I thought they were interesting.
Random pictures of Madrid
 We went to the Museum of Prado - NOT Prada.  
I kept thinking I heard them say we were going to
the Museum of Prada.  Big difference, right?

 Below are photos of the inside of the train station.
There was one area that was very tropical, including turtles. 
It was actually quite beautiful.
More photos coming.

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