Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Movie Night at Paper Vineyard

Every Wednesday night, Paper Vineyard plays a movie while we work on projects. Tonight was "The Blind Side." I have to really pay attention to what I am doing, or I could spend my entire time watching the movie, and not completing my project. If it is a movie I've already seen - even better! Tonight I sat in a corner by myself and worked on bookmarks I am making for my oldest daughter's (Katie's) 2nd grade class. Next Tuesday I am taking her class a pizza lunch, dessert, and I also want to give them each a handmade bookmark. These were all made out of scraps, so of course, they are all different. Using my Cricut, a caterpillar was the closest diecut I could find that resembled a "bookworm." I have had a lot of fun making these and it just makes me want to play with my Cricut even more. If you're following along, I would love to know your favorite movie.

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Adriana said...

Beautiful blog and I had fun watching you so neatly glue all your bookworms together. The kids are going to love them all. The scraps were a fantastic idea, I am sure it will make each kid feel like they you made that particular one just for them.

Favorite movie is hard....I am going to be difficult and narrow it down to the top 3...Gone With The Wind, Star Wars and Steel Magnolias.