Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What are your dreams?

I work with a couple of ladies (Ruby and Diana) who believe that if you can visualize things in your life, it will happen - a state of happiness and positive thinking. One way they do this is by having a notebook where they can put in pictures, words of encouragement, anything really, that reminds them of their goals and dreams. When I saw that one of them was using a plain steno pad for her book, I thought why not take this one step further? So, what you see below are photographs of Ruby's "Prepared to be Amazed" book.

I covered it with paper, added ribbon and flowers
and Ruby loves it! How simple was that project and yet
she was very touched by it. I used things that I had
at home and she loves it. She carried it awhile before
she decided to use it. Today Diana brought me her
book to cover.

I think tomorrow I will unveil what's behind Box #1.

Stay tuned...

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