Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 10

Kimberly came by and we addressed, stamped, and stuffed our Christmas cards.  She wouldn't leave until we finished the Christmas letter we always send.  What a great help, Kimberly!  I have finished licking the envelopes and they will be mailed tomorrow.  What a great thing to have this done!  Thank you, Kimberly! 
 After Kimmy left, I started baking the Orange Glaze Dark Chocolate Macaroons.  You know, they really are good.  It is just a hint of orange... and with that chocolate drizzle - Mmmm.
They look like the picture (below), don't they?  It is always fun to see the platters of cookies people take home from the cookie exchange.  There is such an assortment and the trays are very pretty.  I will try to remember to get pictures of the event tomorrow and post them on my blog.
Have a great Thursday!

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