Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 2 - Almost Done

Day 2 - This is my desk - You don't need to point out that it is a mess.  I can see that.  It looks worse in the photo than I remembered.  Over the last few days, I had been crazy busy working on the books that I showed you a couple of days ago (the gifts) and so I just left my craft table a mess.  So before I could start a new project, I HAD to clean this one up. 
No, this is not the "after" photo.  This is my guest table.  I cleaned it off so my friends could come and scrap/craft.
My friend, Lois, gave me an Ott Lite for Christmas.  They are battery operated, very compact, and put a lot of light on your project.  I really do like it.   Thanks, Lois!
Just one more day to account for...

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