Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nicole!

You've seen her before on my blog, and most pictures do not show her face.  She rarely, and I mean rarely, lets me get a photo of her face.  She starts hiding once she sees me pull out a camera or my cell phone.  Well, guess what?  This lady, the one with her hand up, turns 40 today!
For the past two Septembers, Nicole and I have made a trip to Minnesota to Scrapfest.  When we go, we stay at her parents.  In the guest room where I stay, there is a huge collage of photos of Nicole from her birth to her graduation.  So in anticipation of her 40th birthday, I took photos of "the board."  And... I saved them just for today.
 I absolutely LOVE the bows, Nicole.
 There is no doubt that Kylee is her daughter - this photo could be mistaken for Kylee.
 Here's another grown up picture of Nicole - we were at Junkfest in Minnesota - the same weekend as Scrapfest.  Nicole is digging for treasures, of which she found many.
 More photos of Nicole growing up.
 I really like this next picture because it reminds me of my oldest daughter, Katie.  I have a picture of Katie looking at the Sunday ads when she was about the same age, maybe 2.  Many people have mistaken my daughter, Katie, as being Nicole's daughter.  Maybe there's something to that...

Happy 40th Birthday, Nicole!  I know I will always be older, but now it seems as if you are catchin' up!
Here's to many more great decades!

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